The Trinity Spotlight - the effective way to reach the local residents of Trinity.

The Trinity Spotlight is now able to restart after some of the Covid 19 restrictions have been eased.

July Issue :

Artword Deadilne 5th June : Distribution date 15th/16th/17th June

Welcome to the Trinity Spotlight, the local, independent community and business magazine for the residents of Trinity.

     The magazine is distributed directly to 5000 homes in and around the Trinity area of Edinburgh every 6 weeks and offers a unique way for businesses to reach the residents of this prime residential area at a very affordable cost.

     If Trinity is a potential market for your business, the Trinity Spotlight is an ideal way to promote yourself, reach your potential customers and make your business as effective as possible so why not contact us now.

June 2020 Trinity Spotlight

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 Past issues of the Trinity Spotlight can be found in the Magazine Library